You'll Only Pass This USA Quiz If You Bleed Red, White, and Blue

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Can you make America proud?

See how much you really know about the United States by taking this quiz and answering questions about your country. Very few will ace our quiz!

 Jul 03, 2018
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Ever wondered how much you actually know about the United States? You'd be surprised at how many Americans don't know everything they should about their own country! Take this quiz to find out how much you know, and answer questions like "Which of these is a right or freedom from the First Amendment?", "What President was assassinated in 1963?", "In the film "Forrest Gump", which war does the main character fight in, known in American history for conscripting soldiers?", "How many amendments does the Constitution have?", "Which state is considered to have more Southern culture in its north than in its south?", "The Declaration of Independence announced the independence of the United States from which country?", "Which part of the United States is famous for its clam chowder?", "Which of these is NOT a right in the Declaration of Independence?", "How many US senators are there?", "How many US senators are there?", "Which of these is NOT celebrated as a holiday in the United States?", "Why are there 13 stripes on the American flag?", "Which one of these states does NOT border Mexico?", "Which ocean is on the East Coast of the United States?", "Which of these states borders Canada?", "What was the main goal of the civil rights movement?", "to protest against involvement in the Vietnam War", "Communism was the main concern of the United States during the Cold War. True or false?", "Who was the President during the First World War?" and "What is Susan B. Anthony famous for?"

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