Quiz: What % Dark Betty Are You?


How bad are you? Find out now!

Honestly answer the questions in this accurate personality quiz and we will tell you how much of a dark Betty you really are!

 Dec 07, 2018
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Betty Cooper is one of the main characters on “Riverdale”. She goes to Riverdale High School and is the best friend of Archie Andrews, Jughead Jones, Veronica Lodge and Kevin Keller. Since she is the only remaining daughter in the Cooper household, her mother tends to put huge amounts of pressure on her in many ways. Dark Betty is the side of her that she often represses, and which gets away with a lot. To find out what percentage Dark Betty you are, simply take this quiz and answer the fun questions as honestly and as accurately as you can! “Do you have faith in humanity?”, “How often do you lie?”, “What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned?”, “Do you think you are a judgmental person?”, “If you had the power to rule the world, what would you do?”, “If you could live forever, would you?”, “What’s more important: love or money?”, “Are you an introvert or an extrovert?”, “Do you like being vulnerable or does it scare you?”, “As a kid, what did you want to be when you “grew up?””, “Did you ever get into fights with people as a kid?”, “Would you say you are an adrenaline junkie?”, “What is your favorite movie genre?”, “Do you like Halloween?”, “Do you prefer fake or real Christmas trees?”, “Are you good at analyzing people?”, “What was your favorite subject in school?”, and “Are you a morning or night person?” Take this quiz now to find out why percentage Dark Betty you are!