Quiz: You're Only Allowed To Drink Coffee If You Get 10/15 On This

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Think you're a coffee snob? Here's your chance to prove it!

Prove that you're really savvy when it comes to coffee by answering questions about various coffee types including lattes, cappuccinos and mochas.

 Jan 30, 2018

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Which of these coffees has the most milk?

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Which of these coffees has chocolate syrup in it?

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What coffee is otherwise known as a short black?
Long macchiato
Flat white

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In what city did Starbucks originate?
San Francisco

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An affogato mixes coffee and what to make a delicious dessert?
Ice cream
Solid chocolate
Cookie dough

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George Clooney is an ambassador for which brand of coffee?

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What is the difference between a cappuccino and a latte?
A latte has less milk
A latte has more cream
A cappuccino has more foam

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A 'long black' features an espresso shot and what else?
Hot water
Milk foam

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Which of these would be the strongest coffee?

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Which of these countries is the largest producers of coffee in the world?
New Zealand

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A short macchiato is an espresso with a dollop of what?
Cold milk
Steamed milk

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How many calories does pure black coffee have?
Around 50 per cup
Over 100 per cup

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What does a double espresso consist of?
One espresso shot and twice the amount of water
One espresso shot and twice the amount of sugar
Two espresso shots in one cup

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Which country consumes the most coffee in the world?
United States

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Is a piccolo latte smaller or bigger than a regular café latte?
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