Quiz: We Can Guess Which Decade You Grew Up In Based On These 16 Questions


You can take the girl out of the seventies, but you can't take the seventies out of the girl!

Answer these personality questions in our quiz and we'll tell you what 20th-ceuntry decade you grew up in!

 Jul 30, 2017
1 of 16Pick your answer!
Which of these fashion items do you prefer?
Disco pants
Body glitter
Shoulder pads
Go-go boots
Pencil skirts
2 of 16Pick your answer!
Pick a TV show!
The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
I Love Lucy
Happy Days
3 of 16Pick your answer!
Which of these artists do you like the best?
The Beatles
Britney Spears
Bruce Springsteen
Johnny Cash
4 of 16Pick your answer!
If you could watch one of the following movies right now, what would it be?
The Exorcist
Back to the Future
The Sound of Music
Singing' in The Rain
10 Things I Hate About You
5 of 16Pick your answer!
Where is the ideal place for you to go on a date?
The mall
The park
A disco
The diner
The drive in
6 of 16Pick your answer!
Which of the following upsets you the most?
The world losing its traditions
Kids of today thinking fashion from my era is new
People not being able to speak their mind
The celebrities I grew up with getting old and passing away
Slow internet
7 of 16Pick your answer!
What do you look for in another person?
Politeness and respect
The ability to have fun
An open mind
8 of 16Pick your answer!
Which one of these words best describes you?
9 of 16Pick your answer!
What do you think the biggest problem with the world is?
That pop culture will never be as good as it was in my day
The loss of Christian ideals
The world's getting boring
The world's got too much conflict
The youth being disrespectful
10 of 16Pick your answer!
Are you a good saver?
I'm a better spender
Um, no.
Of course I am! You never know when the next economic crash will occur...
Reasonably good
I save when I have to
11 of 16Pick your answer!
How do you celebrate your birthday?
I throw a house party
I see family and friends
I go out to clubs!
I let loose and do what I feel like
I have a birthday cake
12 of 16Pick your answer!
How do you feel about womens' rights?
We don't have enough
We need to work on the rights of all people, not just women
We've come a long way, but we're not there yet
Forgive me, but I think a woman's place is in the home
We're pretty much there
13 of 16Pick your answer!
Which of these inventions do you find the most useful in your life?
Credit card
Home VCR
Disposable camera
14 of 16Pick your answer!
Pick a song!
Blue Suede Shoes by Elvis Presley
Waterfalls by TLC
Billie Jean by Michael Jackson
Hey Jude by the Beatles
Dancing Queen by ABBA
15 of 16Pick your answer!
What is your biggest fear?
Losing my internet connection
Nuclear war
Pandemics like Polio
16 of 16Pick your answer!
What decade would you like to have been born in?
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