Quiz: We Bet You CANT Get 10/15 On This Nevada Native Quiz!

cameron diaz

Prove you're a true Nevada native!

Take this quiz to see how well you know your home state by answering questions about Nevada's local traditions, cuisine and geography.

 Sep 29, 2017
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What is the correct way to pronounce Nevada?
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What is the capital of Nevada?
Carson City
Las Vegas
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Which of the following lakes is only 45 minutes away from Reno?
Castle Lake
Echo Lake
Lake Tahoe
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When is Nevada Day?
The last Friday of March
The last Friday of October
The last Friday of August
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Name the popular water park in Las Vegas.
Wet 'n' Wild
Water World
Wild Wet World
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What is Area 51?
A fictitious conspiracy about a government facility
A shopping mall.
A government facility allegedly used to test extra-terrestrial activity
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There are no schools in Las Vegas. True or false?
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Which of the following is the name of a shopping mall in Henderson?
The District
The Suburb
The Neighborhood
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Which Nevada city in nicknamed Sin City?
Las Vegas
Boulder City
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Which of the following is NOT a typical dish popular in Nevada?
Shrimp Cocktail
Onion Rings
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Nevada is known as the Golden State. True or false?
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Which of the following vegetables does Nevada produce a lot of?
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Which of the following states does NOT border Nevada?
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Which Nevada city is nicknamed Biggest Little City?
Carson City
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Finish the lyrics to ‘Home Means Nevada’. Way out in the land of the setting sun...
There’s my Nevada
There's a lovely spot, just the only one
Where the wind blows wild and free
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