Quiz: These 21 Bible Questions Will Trick Even The Holiest Christians

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Can you remember all these Bible stories?

Take this biblical quiz to find out if you're a true Christian or not by answering questions about Bible figures like David, Noah and Jonah.

 Mar 25, 2018
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Three Wise Men came to visit the baby Jesus. Where did they come from?
The North
The East
The West
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Where was Moses raised?
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What creature swallowed Noah?
A bear
A lion
A whale
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Which of these miracles did Jesus NOT perform?
Walking on the water
Levitating in the air
Turning water to wine
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Including Jesus, how many people were said to be present at the Last Supper?
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According to the Bible, who gave Joseph his colorful coat?
His brother
His father
His mother
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On what day did Judas betray Jesus?
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Who was the first to discover the empty tomb on Easter Sunday?
The Virgin Mary
Mary Magdalene
Joseph the Carpenter
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Who sentenced Jesus to death?
King Herod
Pontius Pilate
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Which biblical figure defeated Goliath?
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How many sayings did Jesus utter while on the cross?
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What did the people of Jerusalem wave at Jesus as he entered their city?
Sacks of jewels
Palm leaves
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At what time on Good Friday did Jesus die?
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King Solomon was often called upon for his ....
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How long did Jesus spend resisting temptation in the desert?
One week
One year
40 days and nights
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How did the Wise Men know where the baby Jesus was?
They dreamt of the location
They asked for directions
They followed a star
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Was Delilah Samson's true friend?
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For how many years did Moses and the Israelites wander the desert?
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Who was the first to taste the forbidden fruit?
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Who told Mary that she would have God's child?
The Angel Gabriel
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Including the Day of Rest, how many days did God take to create the Earth?
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