Quiz: These 18 Questions Will Reveal If You're Smart Enough To Be A Lawyer

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Sure, you're smart ... but are you smart enough to become a lawyer?

Answer the questions in this tricky quiz to determine whether you have what it takes to become a lawyer or even a judge one day.

 Jan 09, 2020

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Which of these figures usually testifies in court?
A witness
A bailiff
A judge

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What is a tort?
A crime that isn't serious enough to be punished
A civil wrong
A form of assault

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How many years does one typically spend in law school?

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You don't need a license to practice law if you're admitted to the bar. True or false?

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What is a hung jury?
A jury that's corrupt
A jury with an uneven number of people
A jury that can't agree on a verdict

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When testifying before the court, which hand is raised?

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Which of these is often used instead of the word "lawyer"?

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All trials take place on time, as scheduled. True or false?

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Which of these titles is commonly given to judges as a sign of respect?
Your Honor
Your Lordship

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When a lawyer requests a continuance from a judge, what are they asking for?
For the decision to be thought over
For the witness to be removed from the stand
For court to be postponed or adjourned

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Are defendants able to represent themselves?
No, they must have a lawyer

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Law schools expect you to pick a field to specialize in before you graduate. True or false?

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Which of these is an example of false imprisonment?
A bank robber threatening customers with a gun if they leave
Locking the car doors while driving through a rough neighborhood
Grounding a child under 15

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Is violating a restraining order a misdemeanor or a felony?

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The term "larceny" refers to what?
Traffic infractions

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Texting while driving is illegal for who in most states?
Anyone under the age of 18
All drivers
Anyone with a Learner's permit

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What is a citizen's arrest?
An arrest performed by a qualified citizen, without a warrant
An arrest performed by a qualified citizen, with a warrant
An arrest performed by a non-qualified citizen, without a warrant

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What is jay-walking?
Crossing the street while holding a child's hand
Crossing the street in a place where there is no crosswalk
Crossing the street in a crosswalk
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