Quiz: These 18 Questions Will Reveal If You're Smart Enough To Be A Doctor

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Only future doctors can ace this quiz ...

Find out whether you could possibly be a doctor one day by answering questions about the human body, medicine and disease.

 Feb 19, 2018

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How many sweat glands does the average body have?
One hundred
Half a million
One thousand

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What purpose does yawning serve?
Brings more oxygen to the lungs
Wakes the body up
Prepares the brain for sleep

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Which of these helps to fight against dementia?
Vitamin B12
Vitamin D
Vitamin E

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Which sex has a higher pain threshold?

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Which is the weakest of the five senses?

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Which of these is taken to improve gut health?
Fish oil

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Where in the chest is the heart located?
Left side
Right side

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A baby that is breech is ...............
Positioned with its feet first
Positioned with its head first

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What is the purpose of shivering?
To regenerate new cells
To burn calories
To keep the body warm

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Which of these is typically applied before surgery?

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Which of these foods would a lactose intolerant person NOT be able to eat?
Greek yogurt
French fries

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At what point does a fetus acquire fingerprints?
One month
Three months
Eight months

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Which sex burns fat more slowly?

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Which of these would a human die of first?
Sleep deprivation

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True or false: a psychologist is able to prescribe medication

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A pediatrician deals with what kind of patients?
The elderly

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What is swimmer's ear?
A hearing type
A heart worm
An infection

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What does vertigo cause?
A rash
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