93% Of People Can't Even Get 10/15 On This Christmas Quiz. Can You?

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If you don't ace this quiz you're getting coal this year!

Prove that you're really in love with Christmas by answering questions about Christmas culture, traditions, customs and carols.

 Nov 30, 2017
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According to the mistletoe tradition, what must you do under the plant?
Shake hands
Give gifts
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What usually tops the Christmas Tree?
A present
A star
A candy cane
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Legend has it that Santa's red coat originally appeared in which ad?
Pepto Bismol
Coca Cola
Ford Motors
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Ebenezer Scrooge can be found in which Christmas story?
The Night Before Christmas
A Christmas Carol
The Nativity Story
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According to legend, where was Jesus born?
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A(n) _______ calendar is a special calendar used to count the 24 days before Christmas, they usually contain chocolates or treats on each day.
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Who was the star of the Christmas movie "Jingle All the Way"?
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Bill Murray
Jim Carrey
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Stollen is the traditional fruit cake of which country?
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Who tries to destroy Christmas by stealing the gifts from “the Who’s”?
The Grinch
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What are the gifts that the Three Wise Men gave baby Jesus, according to Christmas history?
Jasmine, lavender and sandalwood
Gold, myrrh and frankincense
Gold, silver and diamonds
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On the tenth day of Christmas, what does my true love give to me?
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Name Santa's wife:
Martha Kringle
Mrs. Claus
Mother Santa
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What is the day after Christmas called?
Boxing Day
Shopping Day
Black Friday
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Including Rudolph, how many reindeer drive Santa Claus’ sleigh?
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Which food do some people put on string to make garlands for their Christmas tree?
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