Quiz: Only An Avid Reader Will Know The Meaning Of These 16 Tricky Words

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 Sep 24, 2017
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Question: 1/18What does this word mean?

Negligent (adjective)
Sensitivity to another’s feelings
Characterized by undue lack of attention or concern
Ill will, hatred, hostility

Question: 2/18What does this word mean?

Maverick (noun)
One who has total power
A person entrusted with secrets
An independent, nonconformist person

Question: 3/18What does this word mean?

Quaint (adjective)
Charmingly old-fashioned
Known only by a few

Question: 4/18What does this word mean?

Impeccable (adjective)
Short, abrupt, dismissive
Excessively bold
Exemplary, flawless

Question: 5/18What does this word mean?

Plethora (noun)
Self-satisfied ignorance of danger
Extreme ill repute
An abundance, excess

Question: 6/18What does this word mean?

Philanthropic (adjective)
To prevent, restrain, stop
Of or relating to charitable giving
To give up

Question: 7/18What does this word mean?

Vex (verb)
To laugh at mockingly
To praise
To confuse or annoy

Question: 8/18What does this word mean?

Sanguine (adjective)
Quiet, modest
Confidently optimistic and cheerful

Question: 9/18What does this word mean?

Gluttony (noun)
A nonconformist person
The solemn sound of a bell
Overindulgence in food or drink

Question: 10/18What does this word mean?

Oblivious (adjective)
Graceful, flexible, supple
Extremely careful with details
Lacking consciousness or awareness of something

Question: 11/18What does this word mean?

Superfluous (adjective)
Gloomy or sullen
Consisting of a very great number
Exceeding what is necessary

Question: 12/18What does this word mean?

Coerce (verb)
To trick somebody
To make somebody do something by force or threat
To ask somebody a question

Question: 13/18What does this word mean?

Infamy (noun)
The highest point, culminating point
Notoriety, extreme ill repute
One who flatters for self-gain

Question: 14/18What does this mean?

Flabbergasted (adjective)
Significant, conspicuous

Question: 15/18What does this mean?

Affluent (adjective)
Having an abundant supply of money or possessions of value
In an opposing direction
Uncertain or unable to decide about what course to follow

Question: 16/18What does this mean?

Bashful (adjective)
Something causing misery or death
Self-consciously timid
Having or showing knowledge or understanding or realization

Question: 17/18What does this mean?

Triumphant (adjective)

Question: 18/18What does this mean?

Serendipity (noun)
A large and scholarly book
The state of being sober and not intoxicated by alcohol
Good luck in making unexpected and fortunate discoveries
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