Quiz: Can You Answer These 18 Questions Every West Virginian Should Know?

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So you think you're from West Virginia?

Take this quiz to see how well you really know West Virginia by answering questions about its culture, traditions, cuisine and landmarks.

 Jul 26, 2018
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What is the four-star luxury resort and hotel in WV?
Four Points by Sheraton Charleston
The Claremont
The Greenbrier
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Come wintertime, you're definitely heading to _____ to ski.
White Tail
Alpine Valley
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Which is the capital of West Virginia?
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If something's "movin like molasses," it's moving:
super slowly
In a super sweet way
surprisingly quickly
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What is a 'ramp'?
A dessert
A fruit
A vegetable
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What is a popular breakfast staple in West Virginia?
White gravy and biscuits
Chicken and waffles
Chorizo breakfast burrito
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You can learn a lot of history at ___.
Harper's Ferry
West Virginia Penitentiary
Summersville Lake
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What kind of butter is especially popular in fall?
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_________ are every West Virginians favorite food.
Buffalo wings
Pepperoni rolls
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What is your favorite brand of biscuits?
Granny Sue's
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Which of these is NOT a town is West Virginia?
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Which U.S holiday was born in Grafton, West Virginia?
Mother's Day
President's Day
Valentine's Day
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If your mama tells you to fetch a "buggy", she's asking you to grab what?
A shopping cart
A baby carriage
Bug spray
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What is the name of the series of waterfalls of Shays Run?
Elakala Falls
Shakalaka Falls
Lake Falls
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What phrase is "eers" slang for?
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What do you get at the store to carry your groceries in?
A slam
A jab
A poke
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If you're gonna get into a "lick" of trouble, that means ______.
It's time to eat breakfast
It'll be a decent amount of trouble
The food you're cooking isn't going to turn out right
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What is West Virginia's nickname?
Mountain state
Windy state
Golden state
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