Quiz: Only A True "Sherlock" Fan Can Get 10/15 On This Quiz. Can You?


Step right up, Sherlock fans!

Find out if you can really call yourself a Sherlock fan by answering questions about the hit TV show and its characters.

 May 03, 2018

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When is Sherlock set?
Modern-day London
Victorian London
1920s London

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How does Dr. John Watson known Sherlock Holmes?
They're flatmates and friends
They're cousins
They're coworkers

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Dr. John Watson has returned from the military. Where did he serve?

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Where does Molly Hooper work?
University College London Hospital
The Royal London Hospital
St. Bart's Hospital

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What is Sherlock Holmes' enemy Jim's last name?

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What rank of police is Greg Lestrade?
Deputy Chief
Detective Inspector

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How does Dr. Watson document their adventures?
Through his blog
Through tipping off the media
Through a journal

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Name the Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson's land lady
Mrs. Carpenter
Mrs. Hudson
Mrs. Mayfair

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Is Sherlock Holmes' brother Mycroft older or younger?

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What is Sherlock Holmes' full name?
Sherlock Holmes II
William Sherlock Scott Holmes
Sherlock Holmes

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How does one correctly pronounce John?

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What is The Woman's real name?
Molly Hooper
Irene Adler
Rick Grimes

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Whom does Sherlock Holmes refer to as a shark?
Jim Moriarty
Noah Wallace
Charles Magnussen

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Redbeard was Sherlock Holmes' childhood pet. What kind of animal was he?

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After faking his death, how long did it take Sherlock Holmes to return?
6 months
10 years
2 years
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