Quiz: Only A True Scot Can Get 10/15 On This Test. Can You?

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This kind of quiz will surely blow your kilt up! Go ahead, lass, give it your best shot!

Prove that you're as Scottish as you think you are by taking this quiz and answering questions about the Scots.

 Oct 24, 2017

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What color is the drink Irn Bru?

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What are tatties?

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In what month is the Edinburgh Military Tattoo held?

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What does this phrase mean: "You’re talking mince"?
You’re talking nonsense
You're revealing a secret
You're speaking the truth

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Which of the following chefs is a Scot?
Nigella Lawson
Jamie Oliver
Gordon Ramsay

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Which of the following drinks is Scotland famous for?

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Who was Robert Burns?
A knight
A priest
A poet

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What is haggis traditionally cooked inside?
Cow hooves
Sheep's stomach
Pig brains

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What Disney movie portrayed a Scottish princess?

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Which of these colors are NOT found on the Scottish flag?

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Which of these sweets is Scottish?
Boston cream pie
Summer pudding

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What does this phrase mean: "Keep the heid"?
Keep it to yourself
Work harder
Don’t get upset

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Which of these famous songs come from Scotland?
Auld Lang Syne
Finnegan's Wake
London Calling

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Which of the following sports is Scotland famous for?

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Is caranachan sweet or savory?
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Are you a Scot? Were you born and raised in beautiful Scotland? Have you traveled to Edinburgh or Glasgow? Are you a huge golf fan? Well then this is the quiz for you. Put on your kilt and take it now! Add some haggis to your breakfast and Irn Bru to your lunch! Scotland is a beautiful country rich with culture. The green hills and the bustling city make for a perfect combination. Some great movies were filmed in Scotland like the cult classic Trainspotting. And of course, how could we forget about Braveheart! Some people might dispute the historical accuracy but some Scots love the film! If you’re a fan of football (that’s soccer to you Americans) then prove it! Scotland isn’t too big and we know you can get a perfect score. Even better, if you leave with an A+ you can brag to all your Scottish-American, or true Scottish fans, that you know a lot about their culture and upbringing. If you’re a teacher trying to make history fun, send this quiz to your students, they’ll have a laugh! Come on, you know you want to!

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