Quiz: Only A Genius Can Name These 13 Geniuses By 3 Clues


Are you a genius?

Find out if you're as smart as you think you are by identifying geniuses like Isaac Newton using only 3 clues.

 Oct 08, 2017

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This man was a writer, a social critic and lived in the Victorian period.
Carl Jung
Charles Dickens
Nikola Tesla

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This man was a Renaissance artist, his famous works including Mond Crucifixion and the transfiguration.
Wilhelm Reich
William Shakespeare

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This famous artist sculpted the David statue and contributed work to the Sistine Chapel.
Dylan Thomas
Albert Einstein

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This mathematician lived during the Inquisition and invented the telescope.
Galileo Galilei
Charles Dickens

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This man was English, a physicist and developed much of modern calculus.
Isaac Newton
Antonio Vivaldi
Richard Wagner

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This genius is most famous for painting the Mona Lisa, and was also an engineer and a writer.
Leonardo Da Vinci
Franz List
Theodore Roosevelt

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This musician composed many masterpieces, some of them while deaf.
Ludwig van Beethoven
Antonio Bazzini
Edgar Allan Poe

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This man was Greek, a philosopher and a controversial teacher.

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This genius shocked the art world by painting naturalistic religious images, was Italian and a swordfighter.
Gustav Mahler
Christopher Columbus

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This man is well-known as being the greatest playwright in history, was born in England and contributed many words to the English language.
William Shakespeare
Dante Alighieri
Mark Twain

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This musician died when he was 35 after composing a Requiem Mass.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
William Blake

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This artist was well-known for being tortured and cut off his own ear.
Charles Darwin
Vincent van Gogh
Niccolo Paganini

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This Polish scientist was the first woman to win the Nobel Prize.
Joan of Arc
Marie Curie
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