Quiz: Only 1 in 50 Americans Can Beat This Food Themed Game Of Jeopardy


Foodies only.

Find out if you can truly call yourself a foodie by taking this Jeopardy-style quiz and answering questions about food.

 Nov 06, 2017
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This food should never be eaten raw.
What is chicken?
What is beef?
What is salmon?
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Before frying, chicken is coated in this ingredient.
What is lemon?
What is buttermilk?
What is pepper?
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This cheese is common in Greek salads.
What is feta?
What is parmesan?
What is jarlsberg?
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The most common kind of steak comes from this animal.
What is a pig?
What is a lamb?
What is a cow?
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These are called “chips” in England.
What are crisps?
What are potato chips?
What are fries?
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This herb is commonly found in Mexican food.
What is cilantro?
What is lemongrass?
What is basil?
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Apple pie is usually served under this garnish.
What is ice cream?
What is goat’s cheese?
What is chocolate?
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These people can't tolerate gluten.
What are vegans?
What are celiacs?
What are vegetarians?
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This bread is less processed than white bread.
What is gluten-free bread?
What is rustic bread?
What is wholemeal bread?
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In this dish, avocado is the main ingredient.
What is guacamole?
What is hummus?
What is tomato salsa?
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This cheese goes into a Caprese salad.
What is Cheddar?
What is mozzarella?
What is Edam?
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Many kinds of proteins are featured in this Japanese food.
What is miso soup?
What is sushi?
What is chicken soup?
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The Aztecs are responsible for this sweet treat.
What is cake?
What is caramel?
What is chocolate?
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This soup is served cold.
What is chicken noodle soup?
What is minestrone?
What is gazpacho?
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This spice is found commonly in Indian food.
What is cardamom?
What is pepper?
What are cloves?
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Do you consider to be a true foodie? Are you master over your kitchen? Do you tune into the Food Network religiously? Or get sucked into endless Buzzfeed Tasty video loops? You're probably even known in your friend group as the one who always has a new recipe to try out and baked goodies to taste test on everyone? Is the only thing that trumps your love of food and all things food related your love of trivia/Jeopardy? Do you just love putting your vast knowledge to the test and proving to your friends and family that you knew it all?

If you answered yes to any or all of the above questions, you probably consider yourself at least somewhat of a foodie and you're here now on this quiz page to put all of your extensive foodie knowledge to the test. You came to the right place! This 16 question quiz will push your food knowledge to the limit. We bet you can't ace this food-themed game of Jeopardy without enlisting a friend, checking on Google, pulling up your food aps, or turning on the Food Network!

If you really think you know food/ingredients/recipes and the works better than everyone else, then don't be afraid - show off your smarts on this quiz. If you really are the foodie and Jeopardy lover that you claim to be, then prove it here, on this quiz where your two interests (food and Jeopardy) mix perfectly (just like all the ingredients in your favorite recipe). If you get 100%, you earned your bragging rights, but if you fall short, don't worry, we won't tell anyone!