Quiz: If You Can’t Pass This Southern IQ Test, You Must Be A Yankee


So you think you're a Southerner? Prove it!

Prove you're a Southerner and not a yankee by acing these questions about traditional Southern culture.

 Oct 07, 2017

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What does Bonjangles' specialize in?
Chicken and biscuits
Hot dogs

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How do you take your tea?
With milk

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What is the correct terminology to refer to more than one person?
You guys

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If someone says, "Aren't you precious?" to you, how do you feel?

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Where was "To Kill a Mockingbird" set?
South Carolina

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What is the best way to eat chicken?

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Which of these states is NOT considered to be part of the South?
New Mexico
South Carolina

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Where is the city of Jamestown located?

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Which of these is a major resource in the South?
Pine trees

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When you ask for a Coke, what are you really asking for?
Coca Cola
Any soft drink
Other-branded cola

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If you're stuck behind a vehicle in the South, what kind of vehicle is it most likely to be?

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Which of these are you most likely to be caught eating?
Coney Island Hot Dog
Boiled peanuts
Deep-dish pizza

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What do you think is more Southern in culture—the north or south of Florida?
They’re the same

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What state does Cheerwine come from?
North Carolina

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Where are most people in the South likely to be found on a Friday night?
High school football game
At home resting
Out for dinner
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