Quiz: If You Can Get 10/15 On This Riddles Quiz, You Could Be A Lawyer

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Do you have what it takes to be a lawyer?

Take this quiz to see if you are smart enough to be a lawyer by choosing the answer to a list of classic riddles.

 Sep 23, 2017

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There are 2 in a corner, 1 in a room, 0 in a house, and 1 in a shelter. What is it?
The letter ‘R’
A door

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It cannot be seen, it weighs nothing, but when put into a barrel, it makes it lighter. What is it?
A hole

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It's red, blue, purple and green, no one can reach it, not even the queen. What is it?
A rainbow
A dress
A cake

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I'm full of holes, yet I'm full of water. What am I?
A bucket
A spoon
A sponge

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What gets wetter as it dries?
A towel

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I am a box that holds keys without locks, yet they can unlock your soul. What am I?

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Soft and fragile is my skin, I get my growth in mud I'm dangerous as much as pretty, for if not careful, I draw blood. What am I?
A sea mollusk
A Venus fly trap
A thorn

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I can be long, or I can be short. I can be grown, and I can be bought. I can be painted, or left bare. I can be round, or square. What am I?

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Forward I'm heavy, but backwards I'm not. What am I?

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A box without hinges, lock or key, yet golden treasure lies within. What is it?
A bank vault
A jewelry box
An egg

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What is it that after you take away the whole, some still remains?

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Say my name and I disappear. What am I?

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You saw me where I never was and where I could not be. And yet within that very place, my face you often see. What am I?
A chameleon
A burglar
A reflection

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What starts with a T, ends with a T, and has T in it?
A Train
A ticket
A teapot

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How far will a blind dog walk into a forest?
A quarter of the way
Correct Answer
All the way
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