Quiz: I Scored 10/15 On This Advanced Grammar Quiz, What Will You Get?

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Is grammar your thing?

Find out if you're as good at grammar as you think you are by taking this quiz and solving the grammatical problems.

 Sep 27, 2017
1 of 15Pick your answer!
Which of these sentences is correct?
It is I who am sorry!
It is I who is sorry
It is me who is sorry
2 of 15What is the direct object in this sentence?
She saw him.
3 of 15Pick your answer!
Which of these is correct?
Each of them sings well.
Each of them sing well.
All of them sing well.
4 of 15Pick your answer!
Which of these is incorrect?
I am smarter than you.
You are smarter than me.
You are smarter than I.
5 of 15Pick your answer!
Pick the incorrect apostrophe!
You're in for a treat!
It's a beautiful day.
A house like her's would be nice.
6 of 15Pick your answer!
Which of these is an example of present tense?
I'm going to the beach.
I went to the beach.
I will go to the beach.
7 of 15Pick your answer!
Which of these is incorrect?
We did it.
My brother and I did it.
My brother and myself did it.
8 of 15Pick your answer!
Fill in the missing word: I invited......and his wife.
9 of 15Pick your answer!
Finish this sentence: He's the man.....used to work for us.
10 of 15Pick your answer!
Which of these sentences would you use?
Try and finish your work.
Try finish your work.
Try to finish your work.
11 of 15Why is this sentence incorrect?
I can't believe its the weekend!
There should be an apostrophe in its
The verb doesn't agree
There is no need for an exclamation mark
12 of 15Pick your answer!
Which of these do you do to an invitation?
13 of 15Pick your answer!
Which of the following is personification?
She spoke like a parrot.
Peter Piper picked peppers.
The star winked down on earth.
14 of 15Pick your answer!
Which of these is NOT an adjective?
15 of 15Pick your answer!
The sun _____ at eight last night.
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