Quiz: How Much Do YOU Know About Jesus' Resurrection?

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How much do you really know about Easter?

Get into the Easter spirit by taking this quiz and answering questions about Jesus' resurrection as outlined in the bible.

 Apr 01, 2018

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On what day was Jesus put to death?

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What was written above Jesus' head on the cross?

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Lent is represented by purple in the liturgical calendar. True or false?

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When did Jesus rise from the dead?
Easter Sunday
Good Friday
Holy Thursday

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How long does Lent last?
40 days
2 weeks
6 months

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What does the Paschal Candle symbolize?
The risen Christ
The Mother of Jesus
The 12 Disciples

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What is eaten on Shrove Tuesday to prepare for Lent?
Red meat

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Who discovered Jesus' empty tomb?
Mary Magdalene

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Which figure wiped Jesus' face as He carried His cross?

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Where are the ashes usually put on Ash Wednesday?
The hand
The cheek
The forehead

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What food cannot be eaten on Good Friday?
Red meat

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When did the Last Supper take place?
Holy Thursday
Palm Sunday
Shrove Tuesday

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What day marks the beginning of Lent?
Ash Wednesday
Shrove Tuesday
Easter Sunday

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What time is Jesus said to have died on the cross?

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How do most Christians celebrate Lent?
Donating money to charity
Making a promise/sacrifice
Attending mass every day

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Who sentenced Jesus to death?
Pontius Pilate
King Herrod

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How many people were crucified beside Jesus?

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Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey on what day?
Palm Sunday
Good Friday
Holy Thursday
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