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 Apr 09, 2018
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What does NASCAR stand for?
Northern Atlantic Stock Car Racing
Notable Association for Slick Car Rifting
National Association for Stock Car Racing

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What is the highest level of NASCAR?
Sprint Cup Series
Nationwide Series
Camping World Truck Series

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The Talladega Superspeedway can hold more people than the largest NFL stadium. True or false?

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What number car was Jeff Gordon?

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How would one "draft"?
Keeping distance from the car in front
Overtaking the car in front
Driving closely behind the car in front

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"The Intimidator" was a nickname for who?
Dale Earnhardt
Jeff Gordon
Jimmie Johnson

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What color is the flag associated with NASCAR?
Black and white checkered

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When is the flag waved?
At the halfway point of the race
At the end of the race
At the beginning of the race

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What color is the caution flag?

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What does the caution flag signify?
Drivers should slow down
Drivers have to stop immediately
A driver has cheated

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The crew chief can talk to the driver via an intercom system. True or false?

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When is a car said to be "pitting"?
When the driver pulls off the track
When a driver runs out of gas
When a driver is the last to start

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How do drivers know to start?
A siren is sounded
A green flag is waved
The crew chief lets them know through the intercom

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What kind of flag signifies that a driver must get off the track immediately?

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How do drivers know when to go into the pit?
They make the decision for themselves
The race engineer lets them know over radio
They watch out for the flags

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When a white flag is waved, how many laps does the race leader have to go?

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A blue flag with a diagonal stripe indicates that another car is about to overtake. True or false?

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NASCAR is the most popular type of car racing. True or false?
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