Quiz: Do You Know The Origins Of Your Favorite Holidays?

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Do you really understand the holidays you love to celebrate?

Take this quiz if you think you're a holiday fanatic and answer questions about the origins of Christmas, Halloween and more!

 Dec 22, 2017
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Halloween stems from which culture?
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Which of these holidays is thought to have originated in Ancient Greece?
Mother's Day
Valentine's Day
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Which of these holidays is essentially Catholic in origin?
Labor Day
Mardi Gras
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St. Patrick's Day celebrates the patron saint of which country?
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What Jewish holiday celebrates the re-kindling of the Temple menorah during the Maccabee rebellion?
Yom Kippur
Rosh Chodesh
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Independence Day commemorates what?
The end of the Civil War
The signing of the Declaration of Independence
The pilgrims landing in America
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Thanksgiving celebrates giving thanks at the end of which season?
The traveling season
The harvest season
The fishing season
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What happened on the first Easter Sunday?
Jesus was born
Jesus was crucified
Jesus rose from the dead
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Memorial Day remembers what?
Those who emigrated from the US
Those who died in the Holocaust
Those who have died in military service
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What did St. Valentine do for lovers?
Matched them up together
Blessed them with holy water
Married them in secret
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The Celtic festival of Beltane celebrates the first day of what?
The New Year
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How is the date of Chinese New Year decided?
By the weather
The lunisolar Chinese calendar
The Gregorian calendar
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Christmas Day commemorates the birth of Jesus, which took place in a..........
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Ash Wednesday marks what?
The beginning of Lent
The beginning of Pentecost
The beginning of Advent
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What does Bastille Day celebrate?
The end of WW1
The death of Napoleon
A turning point in the French Revolution
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