Quiz: Could You Pass As An LA Local?


Are you a real local, or just another tourist who wishes they were from L.A.? This quiz will answer that for you!

Think you could pass as an L.A. local, even if you're not one? Answer these questions and we'll tell you whether or not you could pass as a local.

 Apr 20, 2018

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What is the Santa Monica Pier famous for?
Zoo animals
An indoor ice arena
Carnival rides

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Dodger Dogs are made with what kind of meat?

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Which natural disaster do you fear most?
Tidal waves
Volcanic eruptions

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What is the 405?
Dodger Stadium
A highway
Slang for money

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The Apple Pan is famous for serving what?
Dodger Dog
Hickory Burger
Tuna tartare

6 of 18Fill in the blank!

"Gnarly" was often used by surfers to describe ________
Their parties
A wave
Their board

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Which of these refers to standing around an area without leaving?
Post up

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What kind of pizza is Spago famous for?
Smoked salmon

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In LA slang, the word "sick" describes something that's what?
Very cool
Very dirty
Very bad

10 of 18Fill in the blank!

To hit someone up means to ________
Call someone with the intention of meeting up
Embarrass someone in public
Get into a fight with someone

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If you are going to bounce, what are you doing?
Leaving a place
Getting excited
Jumping up and down

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The Hsi Lai Temple is what religion?

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Name the most famous treat from The Donut Man
Strawberry Donut
Cherry Donut
Chocolate Donut

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Corky's is in Sherman Oaks. True or false?

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Which neighborhood is Griffith Park in?
Echo Park
Los Feliz

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There is a cheesecake factory at The Grove. True or false?

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If a situation seems unsafe, then you would describe it as ________

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What is Roscoe's famous for?
Chicken and waffles
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