Quiz: Can You Spell The Names Of All 22 Of These Historical Figures?

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You might know who these figures are...but can you spell them?

Put your spelling and history skills to the test by choosing the correct spelling of the names of these historical figures.

 Oct 12, 2017
1 of 22This US President was assassinated.
Abraam Lincon
Abraham Lincoln
Abaraham Lincown
2 of 22This Roman Emperor was murdered on the Ides of March.
Julius Ceasar
Julious Ceesar
Julius Caesar
3 of 22This movie director was often called the Master of Suspense.
Alfred Hichtchok
Alfred Hitchcock
Allfred Hichcock
4 of 22This author wrote The Lord of the Rings series.
J. R. R. Tolkien
J.K. Tolkeen
J.R. Toiken
5 of 22This military man is a symbol of France, born on the island of Corsica.
Napowlean Bonnaparte
Napoleon Bonaparte
Napolean Bunapart
6 of 22This dictator was responsible for the deaths of millions of people.
Adolf Hitler
Adowlff Hit-her
Adoph Hittler
7 of 22This English writer is often thought of as the father of literature.
William Shakespeare
Wilhelm Shakspeare
William Shackspeere
8 of 22This German socialist published the Communist Manifesto.
Karl Marx
Carl Marks
Karl Marcs
9 of 22This woman is a symbol of the civil rights movement.
Rosa Parcs
Rosa Parks
Rose Parks
10 of 22The work of this fashion designer is still famous today.
Coco Chanel
Koko Shanel
Coko Chanel
11 of 22This German physicist developed the theory of relativity.
Albert Einstein
Allbert Ienstien
Albert Einstine
12 of 22This Ancient Egyptian Queen was only 17 when she began her rule.
13 of 22The real name of this French writer was François-Marie Arouet.
14 of 22This US President was nicknamed Teddy.
Theodoore Rooseavelt
Theodoor Rosevelt
Theodore Roosevelt
15 of 22This physicist’s research led to the discovery of radioactivity.
Marie Kurie
Maree Curee
Marie Curie
16 of 22This man was one of the most famous composers of all time.
Ludwig van Baitoven
Ludvig van Bethoven
Ludwig van Beethoven
17 of 22The work of this Italian sculptor survives today.
Michel Angelo
18 of 22This English scientist is regarded as one of the most influential ever.
Isac Knewton
Isaac Newton
Isak Newton
19 of 22Plays, fictions and poems were some of this Irish writer's work.
Oscar Wild
Oskar Wild
Oscar Wilde
20 of 22Founding the Mongol Empire, this conqueror was very feared.
Kengis Kan
Gengis Kaan
Genghis Khan
21 of 22This pianist and composer was born in the 1700s.
Wolfang Amadeeus Mozarte
Wolfgang Amadayus Mossart
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
22 of 22This suffragette dedicated her life to women’s rights.
Emmelin Panchurst
Emmaline Pankherst
Emmeline Pankhurst
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