Quiz: Can You Name Every Single One Of These 1986 Icons In 2 Min Or Less?

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It's been more than 30 years ... can you remember all these icons?

Find out how much you really remember the 1980s by taking this quiz and matching up the famous icons to their names.

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1986 was a huge year as far as music, film and pop culture in general are concerned. Though many years have passed, the biggest fans from the decade remember the most popular names from the era as though they were making music and movies just yesterday. Some of the biggest musicians of the year included Madonna, Peter Cetera, Cyndi Lauper, The Human League, Steve Winwood, Nu Shooz, Peter Gabriel, Prince, Aerosmith, Billy Ocean, Kenny Loggins, Bon Jovi, Janet Jackson, Lionel Richie, Berlin, Run-D.M.C., Cameo, Carl Anderson, Glass Tiger, The Bangles, Van Halen, Tina Turner, Jermaine Stewart, Genesis, Eddie Money, New Order, Bananarama, The Smiths and George Michael. The biggest songs of the year included "Invisible Touch", "I'm Your Man", "Bizarre Love Triangle", "The Way It Is", "Take Me Home Tonight", "Two of Hearts", "Say You, Say Me", "Throwing It All Away", "Walk Like An Egyptian", "Magic Monday", "Why Can't This Be Love", "Dancing on the Ceiling", "There'll Be Sad Songs", "You Give Love a Bad Name", "When I Think of You", "Papa Don't Preach" and "Glory of Love". Some of the most popular movies included "Stand By Me", "Platoon", "Top Gun", "Ferris Bueller's Day Off", "Back to School", "Pretty in Pink", "Howard the Duck", "Flight of the Navigator", "At Close Range", "The Color of Money", "Little Shop of Horrors", "Three Amigos", "The Money Pit", "The Mosquito Coast", "Running Scared" and "The Karate Kid Part 2". To find out how well you remember the year and its icons, take this quiz!

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