Quiz: Can You Guess The Famous Painting From A Closeup?

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Are you a true art connoisseur?

Correctly identify the famous paintings in this quiz like The Scream and American Gothic by looking at their close up images!

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Are you in love with the finer things in life? Do you enjoy spending your weekends at museums? Do you love exploring different galleries and seeing historical treasures? If you said "yes" to ANY of these questions, then our friend, welcome! You have officially met the quiz of your dreams! If you are truly in love with the arts, we are proud to put your knowledge to the test!

Women.com is looking for true art lovers! If that is you then we will look no further! This fun art and painting quiz is a perfect match for you! This quiz will consist of you looking at close ups of iconic and legendary pieces of art like the Mona Lisa and The Scream! If you are in need of a mental break, all you need to do is hit that play button!

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