Quiz: Can You Finish The Lyrics To These 16 George Strait Hits?


So you think you're a George Strait fan?

Find out how big a George Strait fan you really are by finishing the lyrics to well-known songs like 'I Cross My Heart' and 'Check Yes Or No'.

 May 09, 2017
1 of 16Finish the lyrics to 'Check Yes Or No'!
It started way back in third grade I used to sit beside...
Emmylou Hayes
Bettylou Hayes
Sandy Hayes
2 of 16Finish the lyrics to 'I Cross My Heart'!
In all the world you'll never find, a love as...
Big as mine
Real as mine
True as mine
3 of 16Finish the lyrics to 'The Cowboy Rides Away'!
It's time to say good bye to...
The past
4 of 16Finish the lyrics to 'The Chair'!
Oh listen to me, what I mean is can I buy you...
A drink?
A gift?
A meal?
5 of 16Finish the lyrics to 'Write This Down'!
I never saw the end in sight; fools are kind of…
6 of 16Finish the lyrics to 'You Look So Good In Love'!
That flush on your cheeks is more than the…
7 of 16Finish the lyrics to 'Give It Away'!
That picture from our honeymoon, that night in …
New York
'Frisco Bay
8 of 16Finish the lyrics to 'Ocean Front Property'!
I got some ocean front property in Arizona, from my front porch you can see the…
9 of 16Finish the lyrics to 'Easy Come, Easy Go'!
Says she's had enough of me, I've had enough of her too, I might as well go on and set her free…
She's already had enough
She's already let me go
She's already turned me loose
10 of 16Finish the lyrics to 'The Fireman'!
I can cool 'em down when they're smoldering hot, I'm the fireman…
That's my name
That's who I am
That's me
11 of 16Finish the lyrics to 'I Saw God Today'!
I saw a couple walking by they were…
Hugging tight
Holding hands
12 of 16Finish the lyrics to 'Unwound'!
She kicked me out of the house and tonight I'm whisky bound, I'm gonna be…
The maddest guy in town
The drunkest fool in town
The saddest guy in town
13 of 16Finish the lyrics to 'Cowboys Like Us'!
Blend in with the desert, just we amigos, and we…
14 of 16Finish the lyrics to 'If I Know Me'!
I'll stop and call, and you'll say…
Leave me alone
You want me back
You're sorry too
15 of 16Finish the lyrics to 'Carried Away'!
My feet are planted firmly on the ground, but darlin' when you…
Come around
Are found
Make that sound
16 of 16Finish the lyrics to 'I Hate Everything'!
I hate my job and I hate my life and if it weren't for my two kids…
I’d be in strife
I'd hate my ex-wife
I’d still have a wife
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