Quiz: Do You Actually Know The Meaning Of These 15 Catholic Slang Terms?

Can you make the Lord proud?

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 Jan 18, 2018
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Question: 1/15Pick the correct answer!

What is a Hail Mary?
A baptism
A prayer
A mass

Question: 2/15Pick the correct answer!

Advent refers to which time of year?

Question: 3/15Pick the correct answer!

Catholic Church service is called:

Question: 4/15Pick the correct answer!

"Corpus Christi" refers to what?
A Priest
The body of Christ
The Pope

Question: 5/15Pick the correct answer!

Sanctus, sanctus, sanctus = _____, _____, _____
God, God, God
Holy, Holy, Holy
Bible, Bible, Bible

Question: 6/15Pick the correct answer!

This is the system of laws enforced by the Catholic Church.
Catholic Law
Holy Law
Canon Law

Question: 7/15Pick the correct answer!

When Catholics get a new Pope what do they say?
Habemus papam!
Corpus Christi!

Question: 8/15Pick the correct answer!

The gathering of Cardinals to elect a new pope is called...

Question: 9/15Pick the correct answer!

Bishops and Priests wear a ____ around their neck.

Question: 10/15Pick the correct answer!

Which is ranked highest?

Question: 11/15Pick the correct answer!

The stand which the priest uses to read from is called the:

Question: 12/15Pick the correct answer!

What is a rosary?
A flower
A form of Prayer/prayer beads

Question: 13/15Pick the correct answer!

Monks live in a _______.

Question: 14/15Pick the correct answer!

The definition of "Papal" is:
Relating to a Pope
The cross of the Rosary
People who attend Mass

Question: 15/15Pick the correct answer!

Which of the following is NOT a sacrament?
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