Quiz: Can We Guess How You Take Your Coffee based on These Random Qs?

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We Bet We Can Guess How You Take Your Coffee!

Honestly answer the questions in this accurate personality quiz and we will tell you how you like to have your coffee in the morning. How'd we do?

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Coffee is enjoyed across America, and can be taken in a variety of ways. One of the most popular types of coffee is brewed coffee made from a drip coffee maker, which is a totally inexpensive method of making it. Many people drink it this way at home or when they go out and order coffee in a restaurant or diner. Another popular type of coffee is espresso, which is much stronger and gives a more significant boost of energy due to the lower water to coffee ratio. The most popular kind of coffee in Italy, the espresso is a short shot served in a small cup, and though sugar may be added, does not contain any milk or cream. The cappuccino is another Italian coffee which has made its way around the world and is now extremely popular across the west. This kind of coffee is made by preparing an espresso and then adding hot milk and hot steamed milk foam, which is easier to drink than a straight black espresso, although it may not give the energy boost that one is after. An Americano is another popular type of coffee and is essentially an espresso with more hot water added to ease the coffee flavor. This kind of coffee usually has the same amount of caffeine as the drip style. Many Americans like to play around with their coffee and add cream, milk, or sugar to theirs, while others enjoy a strong black coffee to really get them going in the morning. To find out which coffee you seem like you take, just take this personality quiz!

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