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 Feb 28, 2018
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How many grains of sand are there in the world?
1 - 7 quintillion
1 - 7 thousand
1 - 7 million

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How fast can a commercial airplane travel?
400 - 500 knots
40,000 - 50,000 knots
4 - 5 knots

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How much does a blue whale weigh?
150 - 200 tons
15 - 20 tons
1500 - 2000 tons

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What is the population of China?
Around 1.3 thousand
Around 1.3 hundred
Around 1.3 billion

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How many species of dinosaur have been identified?
6000 - 8000
600 - 800
60 - 80

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How many languages are there in the world?
6 - 7
6000 - 7000
60 - 70

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How tall is the Empire State Building?
100 - 200 feet
10000 - 20000 feet
1000 - 2000 feet

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Around how many babies are born worldwide per minute?
24 - 26
2400 - 2600
240 - 260

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How many cells does the human body have?
37 - 38 trillion
37 - 38 hundred
37 - 38 thousand

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How many gallons of water are in the Pacific Ocean?
187 quintillion

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Around how many dog breeds are there?
3 - 4
3000 - 4000
300 - 400

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How fast can a cheetah run?
6.8 - 7.5 mph
68 - 75 mph
680 - 750 mph

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How many hairs are there on the average human head?
1000 - 2000
100,000 - 200,000
1 million - 2 million

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How many miles away is the sun?
93 hundred
93 million

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On average, how many deaths are there per year?
550 - 560
55 - 56
55 - 56 million

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A single dandelion head can produce up to how many seeds?

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How many bees does it take to produce one tablespoon of honey?

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How many feet of continuous line can one BIC ballpoint pen draw?
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