Quiz: Are You Really A New-Englander? Answer These 22 Questions To Prove It


So you think you're from New England?

Take this quiz to prove that you're really from New England by answering questions about the local traditions, slang and cuisine.

 Jul 29, 2017
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What kind of food is the white clam pie?
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Which of the following is a nickname for Boston?
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What is Cumberland Farms?
A club
A convenience store
A restaurant
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What topping does a Boston Cream Pie have?
5 of 22Pick your answer!
"Jimmies" are what?
6 of 22Pick your answer!
What is a "grinder"?
A submarine sandwich
An alcoholic drink
A nickname for a friend
7 of 22Pick your answer!
What does "steamers" refer to?
Steamed clams
Steamed Veggies
Steamed hams
8 of 22Pick your answer!
Which food chain does “Dunks” refer to?
Dunkin' Donuts
Donut King
9 of 22Pick your answer!
What are lobster rolls dressed with?
Marinara Sauce
10 of 22Pick your answer!
What university does a “Barney” attend?
11 of 22Pick your answer!
Other than Italian pizza, what kind of pizza is popular in New England?
Greek pizza
Lebanese pizza
African pizza
12 of 22Pick your answer!
What is an “elastic”?
A bag
A rubber band
A plastic spoon
13 of 22Pick your answer!
Are New England hot dog rolls split on top or on the side?
On the side
On top
14 of 22Pick your answer!
What is a “packie”?
A club
A drug store
A liquor store
15 of 22Pick your answer!
When is Mud Season?
16 of 22Pick your answer!
What are quahogs?
17 of 22Pick your answer!
If the weather is “muggy”, what is it?
18 of 22Pick your answer!
What is a shopping cart called in New England?
A carriage
A basket
A shopper
19 of 22Pick your answer!
Which New England state is known for its Maple Syrup?
Rhode Island
New Hampshire
20 of 22Pick your answer!
Which of the following celebrities is from Boston?
John Travolta
Mark Wahlberg
Danny DeVito
21 of 22Pick your answer!
Which of the following Presidents was from New England?
George Bush
John F. Kennedy
Richard Nixon
22 of 22Pick your answer!
Is a whoopie pie sweet or savory?
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