Quiz: Answer 16 Questions & Reveal Which TV Mom Shares Your Parenting Style

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Which of these moms is you?

Find out which famous television mother shares your parenting style by answering the questions in this personality-based quiz.

 Aug 10, 2017
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What is the best quality a mother can have?
Time-management skills
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Do you do a lot for your children?
They're self-sufficient
Yes, even after they're not children anymore
Of course, that's my job!
They do plenty of chores so I don't have to
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How do you feel about discipling your kids?
I'll do it, but I hate it
I do it a lot--it's good for them!
I don't have to do it because my kids are perfect
I don't like doing it
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Do you make time for things outside the house?
No, I hardly leave the house
No, and I wouldn't want to
I try to
Yes, that's my priority
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Are you a good cook?
Yes, the best in the neighborhood
My family thinks so
Not at all
I'm okay
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Would you call yourself an involved parent?
I'm more distant
As much as possible
Yes, but I give them their space
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Is there anything you see wrong with your parenting style?
I'm too busy with other things
I'm too hard on them
I'm not creative enough in my approach
I'm overbearing
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Do you have high standards for who dates your children?
Absolutely; you might even say impossible
No, I just want them to be happy
No, everybody deserves a chance
Yes, they deserve the best
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What is your signature dish?
Pork chops
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How many children is ideal?
Four, if you include my husband
You can never have too many!
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Which of these words best describes you?
12 of 16Pick your answer!
How do you feel about women in the workplace when they have kids?
Everybody has to work!
They can't stop being people because they're mothers
A woman's place is always in the home
They should stay home with their kids
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How would you describe your children?
14 of 16Pick your answer!
Are your children scared of you?
Yes, very much so
Not at all
At times
Just enough
15 of 16Pick your answer!
What do you do to scare them?
Make them feel guilty and nag them
Give them chores
Ground them
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Pick a TV show!
The Brady Bunch
The Simpsons
Everybody Loves Raymond
Modern Family
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