Quiz: A True Wizard Of Oz Fan Could EASILY Answer These 16 Questions!

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Do you know the difference between your Oz witches?

Test your knowledge on the Wizard of Oz movie, from character lines to small details most would have missed!

 Sep 19, 2017
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How does Dorothy vanquish the Wicked Witch?
Dumps water on her
They sneak away
She stabs her
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What does the Wizard of Oz say after they bring him the broomstick?
That he'll fulfill their desires now
That they should go away and come back tomorrow
That he's very proud of them
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Who says: “I’ll go in there for Dorothy. Wicked Witch or no Wicked Witch.”
The Tinman
The Scarecrow
The Cowardly Lion
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What type of animal does the Wicked Witch have working for her?
Flying monkeys
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What question does Dorothy ask during their spa day in Oz?
"Can I even dye my eyes to match my gown?"
"Can you die my hair green?"
"Can you curl my hair even more?"
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How does Dorothy introduce herself to the Wizard?
Strong and brave
Lonely and frightened
Small and meek
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Complete this lyric: "I could stay young and chipper…
...and I’d lock it with a zipper."
...and I'd cut with my snipper."
...and I'd go and whip her."
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Where do they meet the Cowardly Lion?
In the field of poppies
In the Emerald City
In the forest
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How does Dorothy help the Tinman?
She unties him
She gives him an animal heart
She pours oil on him
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Which main character does Dorothy meet first?
The Scarecrow
The Cowardly Lion
The Tinman
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Why isn’t Glinda afraid of the Witch of the West?
She's always been stronger than her
The Wicked Witch has no power in Oz
They're sisters
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What color are the slippers that Glinda gives to Dorothy?
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Dorothy’s house lands on the Witch of the West. True or False?
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Why does Dorothy run away from the farm?
To save Toto from Miss Gulch
To kill the witch
To see Oz
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Finish this line: “Toto, I have a feeling…”
...we're not in Kansas anymore.
...we killed the witch.
...we're somewhere over the rainbow.
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What is the name of Dorothy’s uncle?
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