Quiz: 16 Things You Should Know But Never Get Right. Can You Finally Pass?

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Think you know how many senses humans have? Think again!

Take this quiz to find out how smart you really are by answering questions that deal with common misconceptions.

 Nov 01, 2017
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What do camels store in their humps?
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What does the FBI stand for?
Foreign Bureaucracy Institution
Federal Bourgeois Information
Federal Bureau of Investigation
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Which of these structures is clearly visible from space?
The Eiffel Tower
The Great Wall of China
The Empire State Building
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Where is Disneyland located?
Savannah, GA
Anaheim, CA
Orlando, FL
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Sight, hearing, taste, touch, and ____ make up the five senses.
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Which of the following is humanly impossible?
Swallowing water upside down
Licking your own elbow
Sneezing with your eyes open
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About how fast do airplanes travel?
~2,400 mph
~500 mph
~250 mph
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What equation did Albert Einstein discover?
a2 + b2 = c2
E = mc2
Pi = 3.14
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What substance can be used to remove gum from hair?
Aloe Vera
Peanut Butter
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What is a "gnocchi"?
An Italian dance
A potato-based pasta
An insult in Italian
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What kind of fruit did Adam and Eve eat?
An apple
A pear
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What do bees produce?
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Can vegetarians eat eggs?
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What area did the Vikings come from?
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Around how tall was Napoleon?
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The average human spends about ___ of their lives asleep.
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Think you have what it takes to get a perfect score on this random facts quiz? Did you know only 3% of the population get 100%? Let’s see if you’re part of the 3%. Don’t even think about using Google, Wikipedia, or any other handy website. You’ll have to really think back to school! Did you pay close enough attention in History, English, Science, or Math? If you love the History channel, facts about random things, or know a lot of trivia then this is the place for you. A great thing about this quiz is if you know it all then you already have some interesting and fun party tricks. Everyone will be in awe of your trivia skills and random facts. If you’re a teacher looking for some quiz question ideas, you’ve found the right place. If you’re a student procrastinating studying for your next final, well, you too have found the right place. This quiz might be about random facts but only a person with a high IQ will know all 16 answers correctly. And a well-rounded student will excel immediately on this quiz as it has to do with a plethora of information. From vocabulary and spelling to intricate science and history, there is a question for everyone. If you’re someone who loves learning and taking online quizzes, test your knowledge of these incredibly tricky trivia questions about some fun facts! You might learn something or reintroduce yourself to some fun facts you may have forgotten. So go ahead, the fun starts now!!!