Quiz: Only A Film Buff Will Be Able To Name All These Lesser-Known Movies

The Departed
Warner Bros. Pictures

You can't call yourself a film buff unless you can identify them all!

Match up the pictures with the correct names in this films quiz to find out whether you can really call yourself a movie buff.

 Jun 06, 2018

1 of 50Name this movie!

movies/tv, robin williams, What Dreams May Come
Universal Studios
What Dreams May Come
Mrs. Doubtfire

2 of 50Name this movie!

RKO Radio Pictures
The Godfather
Life Is Beautiful
Citizen Kane

3 of 50Name this movie!

North by Northwest, hitchcock, Cary Grant
A Philadelphia Story
North By Northwest
The Big Lebowski

4 of 50Name this movie!

george clooney, oh brother where art thou, movies
Buena Vista Pictures
O Brother, Where Art Thou?
The Matrix
City of God

5 of 50Name this movie!

Kristen Dunst, the virgin suicides, movies
The Virgin Suicides
The Fall
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

6 of 50Name this movie!

john c riley, Mark Wahlberg, Boogie Nights, movies
New Line Cinema
The Departed
Dude, Where's My Car?
Boogie Nights

7 of 50Name this movie!

movies, Something About Mary, juju, cameron diaz, celebs, good, quiz, personality, hair, funny
20th Century Fox
Something About Mary
The Sweetest Thing
50 First Dates

8 of 50Name this movie!

mystery men, movies
Universal Pictures
The Dark Knight
Mystery Men

9 of 50Name this movie!

val kilmer, robert downey jr, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, movies
Warner Bros.
The Wizard of Oz
Good Will Hunting
Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang

10 of 50Name this movie!

ryan gosling, Russell Crowe, the nice guys, movies
Warner Bros.
Captain Fantastic
The Nice Guys

11 of 50Name this movie!

Eddie Murphy on his wedding day in Coming to America
Coming to America via Paramount Pictures
Coming to America
Jason and the Argonauts
This Is Spinal Tap

12 of 50Name this movie!

Night of the Living Dead
12 Years a Slave
Before Sunrise

13 of 50Name this movie!

antonio banderas, desperado, movies
Columbia Pictures
Young Frankenstein
The Godfather

14 of 50Name this movie!

tropic thunder, movies
Grosse Pointe Blank
The Ten Commandments
Tropic Thunder

15 of 50Name this movie!

friday night lights, funeral, movies/tv
Mary Poppins
Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
Spanking the Monkey

16 of 50Name this movie!

Fried Green Tomatoes, movies/tv
Spirited Away
Fried Green Tomatoes
A Town Called Panic

17 of 50Name this movie!

kristen wiig, Ellen Page, drew barrymore, Whip It, movies
Fox Searchlight Pictures
Whip It
Gold Diggers of 1933

18 of 50Name this movie!

jim sturgess, Evan Rachel Wood, across the universe, movies
Columbia Pictures
Drunken Master
Gone with the Wind
Across the Universe

19 of 50Name this movie!

movies/tv, orsen welles, the third man
Selznick Releasing Organization
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
The Exorcist
The Third Man

20 of 50Name this movie!

woody allen, movies/tv
The Wicker Man
Vicky Christina Barcelona
Alpha Dog

21 of 50Name this movie!

cate blanchett, blue jasmine, movies
Sony Pictures
Blue Jasmine
Raiders of the Lost Ark

22 of 50Name this movie!

Colin Firth as King George VI in the Oscar-winning movie The King's Speech, movies/tv
The King's Speech via The Weinstein Company
A Night at the Opera
The Last Waltz
The King's Speech

23 of 50Name this movie!

The Witches of Eastwick
Close Encounters of the Third Kind
The Searchers

24 of 50Name this movie!

sharon tate, valley of the dolls, movies
20th Century Fox
All the President's Men
Valley of the Dolls

25 of 50Name this movie!

classic movies, the apartment, Shirley MacLaine, jack lemmon
United Artists
Blade Runner
The Conversation
The Apartment

26 of 50Name this movie!

brandon lee, The crow, movies
Walk the Line
About a Boy
The Crow

27 of 50Name this movie!

Gone With The Wind

28 of 50Name this movie!

Rear Window
Empire of the Sun

29 of 50Name this movie!

angelina jolie, winona ryder, Girl Interrupted, movies
Columbia Pictures
2001: A Space Odyssey
The Apartment
Girl, Interrupted

30 of 50Name this movie!

Spelling Films
The Usual Suspects
Blazing Saddles

31 of 50Name this movie!

leonardo dicaprio, the beach, movies
20th Century Fox
E.T. the Extra Terrestrial
The Shining
The Beach

32 of 50Name this movie!

"Overboard" via Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Back to the Future

33 of 50Name this movie!

tim curry, clue, movies
Paramount Pictures
The Departed
The Breakfast Club

34 of 50Name this movie!

via letterboxed.com
The Princess Bride
Empire of the Sun

35 of 50Name this movie!

interstellar, space, astronaut
Paramount Pictures
Schindler's List

36 of 50Name this movie!

United Artists
Forrest Gump
True Romance
Apocalypse Now

37 of 50Name this movie!

The Shawshank Redemption
La Haine
Cinema Paradiso

38 of 50Name this movie!

Artisan Entertainment
The Usual Suspects
Romeo + Juliet
Requiem For a Dream

39 of 50Name this movie!

law, police, jail, Sweet Home Alabama, juju
Buena Vista Pictures
Sweet Home Alabama

40 of 50Name this movie!

The Wedding Planner, movies/tv
Life Is Beautiful
The Wedding Planner
L.A. Confidential

41 of 50Name this movie!

my girl, movies/tv
The Notebook
The Little Rascals
My Girl

42 of 50Name this movie!

Full Metal Jacket
The Green Mile
The Matrix

43 of 50Name this movie!

City of God
Night of the Living Dead
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

44 of 50Name this movie!

Patricia Arquette, christian slater, True romance, movies
Warner Bros.
The Fall
Children of Men
True Romance

45 of 50Name this movie!

paul newman, tom cruise, the color of money, movies
Buena Vista Distribution
The Color of Money
Police Academy
The Departed

46 of 50Name this movie!

Blazing Saddles, movies/tv
Warner Bros.
Blazing Saddles
Hot Fuzz

47 of 50Name this movie!

Casino, 1995 movie, movies/tv
Universal Pictures
The Dark Knight

48 of 50Name this movie!

Gone Girl
Life Is Beautiful

49 of 50Name this movie!

Focus Features
Baby Driver
Moonrise Kingdom

50 of 50Name this movie!

Captain Fantastic
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If you’ve ever called yourself a film buff, then you absolutely have to take this quiz! Some of these films are lesser-known than the classics, and the average person probably can’t identify them by one picture and no other clues. But if you’re a real film buff, that shouldn’t be a problem! Some of the movies you’ll come across in this quiz include “L.A. Confidential”, “Baby Driver”, “Moonlight”, “Fargo”, “Captain Fantastic”, “Room”, “Life is Beautiful”, “Gone Girl”, “Interstellar”, “Casino”, “The Dark Knight”, “Inception”, “Blazing Saddles”, “Hot Fuzz”, “Atonement”, “Goldfinger”, “The Departed”, “Police Academy”, “Young Frankenstein”, “Children of Men”, “The Fall”, “Night of the Living Dead”, “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”, “City of God”, “Full Metal Jacket”, “The Matrix”, “The Green Mile”, “Space Jam”, “American Beauty”, “The Big Lebowski”, “The Wedding Planner”, “Sweet Home Alabama”, “Scream”, “Requiem for a Dream”, “Romeo and Juliet”, “The Usual Suspects”, “Cinema Paradiso”, “La Haine”, “The Shawshank Redemption”, “Apocalypse Now”, “Forrest Gump”, “True Romance”, “Schindler’s List”, “Goodfellas”, “Empire of the Sun”, “The Princess Bride”, “Clue”, “The Breakfast Club”, “Amadeus”, “Back to the Future”, “American Beauty”, “The Shining”, “Rocky”, “Rear Window”, “Gone with the Wind”, “Casablanca”, “Walk the Line”, “Good Morning, Vietnam”, “About a Boy”, “Blade Runner” and “2001: A Space Odyssey”. You might have heard of or even seen all of these movies, but can you tell which ones have been included in the photos and which ones haven’t? You won’t know until you take the quiz! For more challenging and fun film quizzes, visit women.com!