Literally Just 29 Adorable Gifs Of Sloths


Is there anything better than a sloth?

The sloth life is a good life. Who doesn't aspire to do nothing but sleep and eat? After actually being a sloth, the next best thing we can do is watch these little guys in all their slothy slothness.

Get ready for a whole lot of snoring, lounging and very slow munching. Here are 29 sloth gifs that will make everything better:

1. It's too early.

2. Now, that is satisfaction.

3. When you know someone is lying to you...

4. When it's 4:59pm...

5. Sloths always finish their veggies.

6. Kind of creepy but also kind of cute.

7. The ideal date.

8. When you're too fabulous for this world...

So curious!

9. Just chillin'.

10. Okay, sloths can be annoying too.

11. ...but there's always a silver lining!

12. Too hungry to think.

13. Don't fall asleep...

14. To leave bed today or not?

15. When you haven't seen bae in a while...

16. The perfect birthday present.

17. When your food is so freaking good.

18. It doesn't get any cuter!

19. Their moms didn't teach them to chew with their mouths closed...

20. ...but it's fine because they're fluffy and adorable.

21. Relationship goals.

22. Hello, little friend!

23. When people try to test you...

24. That's one way to make greens look better!

25. Precious.

26. When all else fails, hide in the kitchenware.

27. When your eyes were bigger than your stomach...

28. Here's one more sloth yawn for good measure.

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