Literally Just 29 Adorable Gifs Of Puppies

Prepare for more cuteness than you can handle.

The only thing worth caring about in this world is dogs. And the only thing better than dogs is puppies. No matter how often we watch them playing together and running with their little paws in the air, we never get sick of it!

Take a look at these puppy gifs that will remind you why you're a dog person.

1. Roly poly...

2. When you have too much work to do...

3. Doesn't it just make you smile?

4. Monday morning, 9:00am

5. Somebody help him!

6. What else do you do with corgis?

7. Yes, this is what heaven looks like.

8. When the wine runs out...

9. Where's this cutie off to?

10. Life is just impossible sometimes.

11. Mr. Floppy Ears.

12. When life is finally going smoothly and then...

13. Not just a pretty face...

14. You can never have too many bubbles.

15. It's just about this pup's bed time.

16. When you get back from socializing...

17. Cuteness everywhere.

18. Impressive.

19. Dare you to say no to that face.

20. Mesmerizing.

21. This pup has had a hard day.

22. Cute and courageous all in one.

23. This is officially too much cuteness.

24. So is this.

25. Look at that fuzz!

26. Pup in a cup.

27. Look at this superstar!

28. So perfection does exist.

29. When you finally get Zen.

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