If You Ace This Biblical Quiz You're One Step Closer To Heaven

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Ever wondered where you'll spend eternity?

Take this quiz to find out if you're getting into heaven! Answer questions about the bible, its stories and characters to find out!

 Apr 06, 2018

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In how many days did God create everything?

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What is the Trinity?
The Father, the People, and the Son
The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit
The Father, the Son, and the Mother

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What did Noah bring onto the ark?

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Who defeated Goliath with a stone?

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What creature swallowed Jonah?
A whale
A snake
A wolf

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Who wrote the four gospels?
Matthew, Philip, Judas, and John
Andrew, Mark, John, and Peter
Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John

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In what testament does Jesus appear?

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Which figure was given a colored coat by his father?

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Why did Noah have to build an ark?
The countries were shifting
Global warming led to a flood
God flooded the world as punishment

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Who parted the Red Sea?

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Which of these figures was known for being wise?
King Solomon
The Queen of Sheba

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What was the significance of the Garden of Eden?
That's where Adam and Eve lived
That's where Jesus was arrested
That's where Jesus turned water into wine

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Whose strength was sourced from his hair?
Pontius Pilate

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Who baptized Jesus?

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Which angel told Mary she was expecting?

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What did God take from Adam to make Eve?
A finger
A foot
A rib

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Which of these gifts did the wise men NOT bring Jesus?

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Where did Joseph, Mary and the baby Jesus flee after the birth?

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Which of these figures murdered his brother?
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