Genius Lingo - It's A Thing. Do You Know The Meaning Of All These Words?

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It's time to find out whether you're really a genius!

See how much of a genius you really are by taking this quiz and choosing the correct definition of these notoriously difficult words.

 May 02, 2018

1 of 21What does this word mean?

Humorous or ridiculous imitation
A tendency, partiality, or preference

2 of 21What does this word mean?

Perfect, flawless
Undisciplined, lewd, lustful
The point of culmination; peak

3 of 21What does this word mean?

A very large number
Loud, boisterous
To confuse or annoy

4 of 21What does this word mean?

Respected because of age, distinguished
Resentment, offense
Charmingly old fashioned

5 of 21What does this word mean?

Ready to fight; cruel
One who sucks up to others
Exceeding what is sufficient or necessary

6 of 21What does this word mean?

Showing care in doing one's work
Luck, finding good things without looking for them
Sedate, serious, self-restrained

7 of 21What does this word mean?

Sensitivity to another's feelings as if they were one's own
To reject, decline
Significant; conspicuous; standing out from the rest

8 of 21What does this word mean?

Excess, overabundance
Pretending to have feelings, beliefs, or virtues that one does not have
To brighten, freshen or polish; to restore or improve

9 of 21What does this word mean?

Preference or preferred way of doing something
Hasty, incautious
One who is just a beginner at some activity requiring skill and experience

10 of 21What does this word mean?

A careful examination, review
Lacking quickness of sensibility or intellect
Humorous or ridiculous imitation

11 of 21What does this word mean?

A slight variation in meaning
A remedy for all ills
Natural, inborn, inherent; built-in

12 of 21What does this word mean?

The lowest point of something
Insignificant, trifling
Excessive eating or drinking

13 of 21What does this word mean?

Savage, wild
A small amount of something
Gloomy or sullen

14 of 21What does this word mean?

Graceful or flexible
Shocking; sensational
An independent, nonconformist person

15 of 21What does this word mean?

Extremely joyful
Not suitable or capable, unqualified
Stubbornly established by habit

16 of 21What does this word mean?

Brave in the face of danger
Not capable of being fully satisfied
To make up, invent

17 of 21What does this word mean?

Full of high-spirited delight
Extreme ill repute

18 of 21What does this word mean?

Lacking consciousness or awareness of something
Clear and sharp in analysis
Proud, arrogant

19 of 21What does this word mean?

Troublesome or irritable
Extremely careful about details
Secretive; sly

20 of 21What does this word mean?

To give up, renounce
Insolent, rude
To praise, revere

21 of 21What does this word mean?

Learned or scholarly
To steal money by falsifying records
Expressing yourself effectively
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