General Knowledge: How Well Do You Remember The 80s?

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The 80s were a long time ago. How much do you remember?

Prove that you can remember the 1980s by taking this quiz and answering questions about the pop culture of the era.

 Mar 07, 2020

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Who recorded the album Thriller, the most successful of all time?
Michael Jackson

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Name the fictional country where Prince Akeem, played by Eddie Murphy, comes from in Coming to America

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Who won the US 1980 election?
Jimmy Carter
Ronald Regan
George H.W. Bush

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Which war came to an end in the 1980s?
The Cold War
The Vietnam War

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Which of these Madonna songs was released in the 1980s?
Like a Virgin
Hung Up
Ghost Town

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Name the director responsible for numerous classic 80s hits like Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, and Sixteen Candles.
Steven Speilberg
John Hughes
Stanley Kubrick

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Which actress got her start on Who's the Boss before starring on Charmed in the late 1990s?
Alyssa Milano
Shannen Doherty
Holly Marie Combs

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Which of these was NOT the name of an 80s Arcade Game?
Donkey Kong

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Who starred in the action movie Top Gun?
Tom Hanks
Johnny Depp
Tom Cruise

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What kind of creature is Alf?

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Who played Arnold Schwarzenegger's twin in the movie Twins?
Danny Devito
Nick Nolte
Robin Williams

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According to the film Gremlins, what can you NOT let your Mogwai do?
drink soda
eat after midnight
pose for a picture

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"She's just a girl who claims that I am the one, ____________"
But the kid is not my son
But we'll never be as one
But the game cannot be won

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If something in the 1980s was "radical", what was it?
out there

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Complete the iconic movie quote: "Nobody puts ______ in a corner."

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John Lennon was assassinated in what city?
New York

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Where did Prince Charles and Lady Diana get married in 1981?
St. Paul's Cathedral
Westminster Abbey
St. George's Chapel

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Who starred alongside Christopher Lloyd in Back to the Future?
Tom Cruise
Michael J. Fox
Paul Rudd
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