Quiz: Can You Pass This Ultimate Lent Trivia Challenge?

From Ash Wednesday to Palm Sunday… how much do YOU know about Lent?

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 Mar 16, 2018
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How many days are in Lent?

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What do Christians usually do during Lent?
Fast until sundown
Give something up or make a promise
Do a Rosary prayer every day

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Which day marks the end of Lent?
Holy Thursday
Christmas Day
Good Friday

Question: 4/40Pick your answer!

Who betrayed Jesus?

Question: 5/40Pick your answer!

Where do Ash Wednesday ashes come from?
Burnt rose bushes
Burnt rags
Burnt palms of the previous Palm Sunday

Question: 6/40Pick your answer!

Which day during Lent can the fast be put on hold?

Question: 7/40Pick your answer!

Jesus was crucified with two other men. True or False?

Question: 8/40Pick your answer!

Veronica wiped Jesus' face as he carried the cross. True or False?

Question: 9/40Pick your answer!

What did Judas receive for betraying Jesus?
Bread and wine
Pieces of silver

Question: 10/40Pick your answer!

At which event did Jesus declare that the bread and wine are his body and blood?
His ascension into Heaven
His crucifixion
The Last Supper

Question: 11/40Pick your answer!

"INRI" was placed above Jesus' head on the cross. What does it mean?
Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews
Jesus, the Earth's Shepherd
Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God

Question: 12/40Pick your answer!

What does Shrove Tuesday celebrate?
The last day before Lent
The last day of Lent
The first day of Lent

Question: 13/40Pick your answer!

What food is usually eaten on Shrove Tuesday?
Ice Cream

Question: 14/40Pick your answer!

What is the tradition behind eating this food?
Jesus ate bread before going into the desert
It is demanded in the bible
Christians would use all the ingredients they had to prepare for fasting

Question: 15/40Pick your answer!

How many lashes did Jesus receive before his death?

Question: 16/40Pick your answer!

How is Ash Wednesday usually celebrated?
All church members wear black
Christians receive ashes on their foreheads
The church is covered in ashes

Question: 17/40Pick your answer!

How many Stations of the Cross are there?

Question: 18/40Pick your answer!

Where did Jesus spend the 40 days of Lent?
In Jerusalem
In the desert
In Egypt

Question: 19/40Pick your answer!

What was he doing there?
Performing miracles
Keeping a diary
Resisting temptation

Question: 20/40Pick your answer!

Who carried Jesus' cross after he dropped it?

Question: 21/40Pick your answer!

King Herrod sentenced Jesus to death. True or False?

Question: 22/40Pick your answer!

Where was Jesus pierced with a spear while on the cross?
His foot
His side
His neck

Question: 23/40Pick your answer!

Who was NOT present at the crucifixion of Jesus?
John the Baptist
Mary Magdalene

Question: 24/40Pick your answer!

Which food is avoided by some Christians every Wednesday and Friday of Lent?

Question: 25/40Pick your answer!

Jesus was surprised to be betrayed. True or False?

Question: 26/40Pick your answer!

What part of the Disciples did Jesus wash at the Last Supper?
Their feet
Their hands
Their faces

Question: 27/40Pick your answer!

What did Jesus wear on his head during the crucifixion?
A crown of gold
A white veil
A crown of thorns

Question: 28/40Pick your answer!

When during Lent is Holy Week?
The beginning
The end
The middle

Question: 29/40Pick your answer!

Lent begins on which day?
Palm Sunday
Ash Wednesday
Holy Thursday

Question: 30/40Pick your answer!

On what day was Jesus arrested?
Ash Wednesday
Holy Thursday

Question: 31/40Pick your answer!

Lent is often thought of as the most important season in the liturgical calendar. True or False?

Question: 32/40Pick your answer!

What is the name of the day before Easter?
Easter Eve
Good Friday
Holy Saturday

Question: 33/40Pick your answer!

What is the goal of Lent for most Christians?
To be less judgmental
To understand God better
To emerge as stronger Christians

Question: 34/40Pick your answer!

Lent is celebrated before which religious event?
Christmas Day
Easter Sunday

Question: 35/40Pick your answer!

Palm Sunday commemorates which event?
Jesus being crucified
Jesus entering Jerusalem
Jesus being arrested in the Garden of Gethsemane

Question: 36/40Pick your answer!

What is the relevance of palms?
Palms were used to create a fire on Palm Sunday
City people waved palms at Jesus as he entered the city
There are a lot of Palm trees in Jerusalem

Question: 37/40Pick your answer!

What does putting ashes on the forehead represent?
The mortality of humans
The love of God for humanity
The last day of Lent

Question: 38/40Pick your answer!

Who was the first to discover that Jesus' tomb was empty?
John the Baptist
Mary Magdalene
Pontius Pilate

Question: 39/40Pick your answer!

Which day marks the beginning of Holy Week?
Palm Sunday
Holy Monday
Shrove Tuesday

Question: 40/40Pick your answer!

Which color represents Lent?
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