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Hanukkah is drawing near again! How much do you know about it?

Prove that you really know the meaning of Hanukkah by answering questions about the traditions and customs associated with the Festival of Lights.

 Dec 09, 2017
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How long is Hanukkah celebrated for?
8 days and nights
One day and night
One week
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What does Hanukkah celebrate?
The Israelite victory over the Greek-Syrian ruler Antiochus
The birth of the Jewish faith
The coming of Moses
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How many branches does a Menorah have?
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What is placed in the Menorah each night of Hanukkah?
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And are they placed left to right or right to left?
Right to left
Left to right
It doesn't matter
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Afterwards, the candles are lit. In what direction are they lit?
Right to left
It doesn't matter
Left to right
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How many sides does a dreidel have?
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What is on each side?
Family initials
A Hebrew letter
A religious image
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To celebrate the Festival of Lights, families eat latkes. What are they?
Potato pancakes
Salmon cakes
Vegetable fritters
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Sufganiot are also eaten. What are they?
Jelly donuts
Chocolate truffles
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Traditionally, why were children given money and gifts during Hanukkah?
To show them they were loved
To give thanks for them
To reward them for their Torah studies
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The entire Hallel is said during Hanukkah. What is that?
Prayers of reconciliation
Prayers giving thanks
Psalms of praise
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Where is the Menorah usually displayed?
On the kitchen table
In the bedroom
In the window
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In ancient times, what was used in the Menorah instead of candles?
Wood shavings
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Hanukkah is celebrated on the 25th of which Jewish month?
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