Can We Guess Your Education Level Based On Your Sports History Knowledge?

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You can't have made it very far in school without knowing these historical sports facts!

Find out how well you really know the history of sports in America by answering questions about football, hockey, basketball and other sports.

 Jan 31, 2019

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Who won the first ever Super Bowl in 1967?
Kansas City Chiefs
Oakland Raiders
Green Bay Packers

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Which of these was NOT one of the original six teams of the NHL?
Boston Bruins
Pittsburgh Penguins
New York Rangers

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What was Michael Jordans jersey number?

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What football team had the biggest scoring comeback in the history of the Super Bowl?

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Bobby Fischer is considered by many to be the greatest player of all time in which game?

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Who was the first Latin American born player to play in Major League Baseball?
Jackie Robinson
Luis Manuel Castro
Alex Rodriguez

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Which team has won the most Super Bowls? (6)
New England Patriots
Denver Broncos
Pittsburgh Steelers

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_______ was the first American Figure Skater to land a triple axel.
Tara Lipinski
Michelle Kwan
Tonya Harding

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Shaquille O'Neal retired in 2011 from what sport?

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Which NFL Quarterback has been to the most Super Bowls?
Tom Brady
Andy Dalton
DeShone Kizer

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Which team traditionally wears white?
Home team
Away team

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Which country has won the most Football (Soccer) World Cups?
The Netherlands

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Table Tennis originated from which country?

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Who is the most decorated US Olympian?
Michael Phelps
Usain Bolt
Natalie Coughlin

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What male tennis player has won the most Grand Slam titles?
Andre Agassi
Roger Federer
Bjorn Borg

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Where did baseball originate?

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One of the greatest Hockey players of all time, Wayne Gretzky, played for what team in the 1980s?
Pittsburgh Penguins
Edmonton Oilers
New York Rangers

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Arnold Palmer played which sport?

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Where is the Wimbledon Tennis Tournament held each year?

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Babe Ruth began his baseball career for the Boston Red Sox in 1914, playing which position?
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