10 Things Swimmers Should Thank Their Parents For


Because who else would have drove you to 6am morning practices?

1. Thank you for being our loudest cheerleaders in the stands


2. Thank you for investing your hard earned money into our sport


Because we know how expensive our suits, goggles, and caps can be. Especially because we need new ones all.the.time.

3. Thank you for waking up at the crack of dawn with us to get us to our meets and or practices


Because we had to be there before the sun rises

4. Thank you for always preparing snacks for us to have on days we have swim meets or champs


Or even giving us money so we can get something awesome at the snack bar


5. Thank you for letting us stink up the house with our chlorine B.O.


Because we literally live in the water

6. Thank you for being our favorite coach


7. Thank you for always having a towel waiting for us right when we got out of the pool


Especially on those rainy and windy days.

8. Thank you for purchasing the best thing to happen to swimming...


The parka.

9. And for getting to the pool early so that you could have the best seats in the house


You know these chairs are everything to parents at swim meets...

10. Most of all, thank you for being our #1 fans.


We wouldn't have been able to do it without you!

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