Quiz: Only A True Trekkie Can Get A 10/15 On This Star Trek Challenge


Engage! It's time to test your Trek knowledge!

Take this fun and easy quiz about the Star Trek franchise. Do you know Picard, Kirk, Riker, Kira, Data, Troi, Worf and the rest of the spacefarers?

 Jan 05, 2017
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What’s Picard’s nickname for Riker?
Number One
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The Romulan villain Sela was the daughter of this Enterprise crewwoman.
Nyota Uhura
Kathryn Janeway
Tasha Yar
3 of 15Choose your answer!
What happened at Wolf 359?
Commander Spock was killed
The Borg destroyed a Federation fleet
Humans and Klingons signed a peace treaty
4 of 15Choose your answer!
Which Enterprise crewmen transferred to Deep Space Nine?
Worf and Jonathan Archer
Worf and Miles O'Brien
Miles O'Brien and Tom Paris
5 of 15Choose your answer!
In Star Trek IV, Kirk explains Spock’s odd behavior by saying Spock:
is a robot
did too many drugs in the 1960s
is from China
6 of 15Choose your answer!
Deep Space 9 was defended by this warship.
The Stargazer
The Defiant
The Enterprise
7 of 15Choose your answer!
Guinan's people are known as the ___________.
8 of 15Choose your answer!
Jadzia Dax, Curzon Dax and Ezri Dax all had this in common.
A symbiont
A husband
A religion
9 of 15Choose your answer!
Voyager spent seven years trapped in the ________.
Neutral Zone
Delta Quadrant
Andromeda Galaxy
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What was the difference between Data and his “brother” Lore?
Lore had a human brain
Lore had emotions
Lore had blue skin
11 of 15Choose your answer!
The Ferengi are guided by the __________.
Rules of Acquisition
Word of the Nagus
Laws of Commerce
12 of 15Choose your answer!
Why does Kirk let Edith Keeler get hit by a car?
To restore the World War II timeline
To save Spock from the Mafia
To win a bet with Bones
13 of 15Choose your answer!
Lt. Reg Barclay had a severe phobia of ___________.
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Where did Captain Picard and Captain Kirk meet for the only time?
The Nexus
Starfleet Academy
15 of 15Choose your answer!
Deanna Troi was a _____________.
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