Quiz: You'll Only Understand These Questions If You Grew Up In The South

South, southern belle, true blood

Come on y'all, give 'er a try!

How well do you know these questions about the South? Southern slang and southern living. Test about the South.

 Jul 31, 2016
1 of 10If you are living in "high cotton" that means you are ___________
country, farm, culture
very successful and wealthy
surrounded by friends and family
living in a rundown neighborhood
2 of 10The oldest soft drink in the U.S. was born in the South. What is it?
food & drinks, soda
Cheer Wine
Dr. Pepper
3 of 10What does "tan my hide" mean?
To fool someone
To spend all day outside
To get a spanking
4 of 10How often is it acceptable to eat biscuits?
food & drinks, biscuits
Only on Sundays
With every meal
Only for breakfast
5 of 10What do you do at the first sight of snow fall?
Get excited, then go to the store for necessary food supplies
Roll your eyes - here we go AGAIN
Grab your shovel - it's comin'!
6 of 10If something is "catawampus" it must be ______________
The Money Pit, movies/tv
not straight, or skewed
ridiculously expensive
in the middle of nowhere
7 of 10What type of tea do you ALWAYS drink?
Green tea
Unsweetened tea
Sweet tea
8 of 10What does it mean if someone is "piddling"?
gone with the wind
They are shopping
They're taking a long time
They are dancing
9 of 10What's the only appropriate thing to eat with waffles?
food & drinks, waffles
10 of 10What follows the phrase "bless their heart"?
gone with the wind
Talking about a sports team
Talking sh*t about someone
Bragging about your family
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