Quiz: We Can Tell If You Will Be Arrested

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Think you'll manage to go through life escaping the law? Let's find out!

Will you get arrested? We can tell if you'll get arrested. We know if you'll go to jail. Criminal, felony, prison, jail, quiz, test

 Jun 24, 2016
1 of 10Have you ever opened another person's mail without permission?
Yeah, all the time! I love to see what my neighbors are up to.
No, never! I take the law very seriously.
Yes but only family members, with their permission.
2 of 10Did you ever cheat on a test as a kid?
Eh... who cares if I really had the trigonometry formulas memorized anyway?
Only once but I felt guilty afterwards
Never! I take pride in my honesty.
3 of 10What was your favorite recently released kids movie?
Inside Out
Finding Nemo
4 of 10Who is your current best friend?
Someone you met from work
Your kindergarten best friend
The girl you partied with in college
5 of 10What do you do if you're having a problem?
Bottle up your anger
Journal about it to find the best solution
Go to your parents for advice
6 of 10Which kid were you in grade school?
You were friends with all the different groups
Leader of the pack
You spent most of your time with your nose in a book
7 of 10What type of music do you listen to?
Broadway Showtunes
8 of 10Did you ever steal something from the store as a child?
Yes... and no one ever found out!
No I was too afraid of getting caught!
Yes but mom and dad made me return it when they found out
9 of 10If you knew you could rob a bank without getting caught, would you do it?
In a heartbeat... just tell me what bank!
If no one would get hurt, then yes.
No! That's people's money!
10 of 10Pick your favorite color
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