Quiz: How Well Do You Know Memphis Slang?


Are you down with M-Town?

Take this Memphis, Tennessee slang test to see how well you know the slang from M-Town. Can you pass?

 Aug 11, 2016

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If someone says "He's doing it again, I swan!", what does "I swan" mean?
It's an expression of shock
"I see it with my own eyes"
"I am sleepy"

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If someone says "He's gonna go to the 201 if he's not careful", what are they talking about?
That he will get sent to the principal's office
That his girlfriend is going to break up with him
That he'll go to jail if he isn't cautious

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If someone orders a "Co-Cola", what are they expecting to get?
A Coke
A new cell phone
They still need to clarify what type of drink they want

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If someone asks you "wet or dry?", what are they talking about?
If you want alcohol in your drink
How you want your barbecue
If you want your hair blowdried or not

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What is "Death Week" in Memphis?
The week in August when the city is full of Elvis impersonators
Superbowl Week
The first week of the year when everyone is drunk

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If your brother asks your mom to feed him some "poke 'n' beans", what is he talking about?
Chocolate ice cream
Green beans
A delicious type of canned food

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If your mom tells you that your sister's new friend is "from off", what does she mean?
That she is not very smart
That your mom doesn't like her
That she is from out of town

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If you're eating "bald peanuts", what are you munching on?
Candy corn
Boiled peanuts
Cracker jacks

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When would you exclaim "holler and swaller!"?
As a birthday greeting
As a toast
At a football game

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If someone says "ennit?", what are they asking?
"Isn't it?"
"Where are you?"
"Are you hungry?"
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