Quiz: Only A True Local Can Ace This Ultimate Maine Slang Test


"Hard tellin’ not knowin’, ayuh?"

How well do you know Maine slang?, Can you ace this Maine lingo quiz? Are you really from Maine? Maine test.

 Jul 08, 2018
1 of 18Choose your answer!
If you're "booking it" what are you going?
Recording the information
Processing the paperwork
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What does a Mainer mean when they say "Chuppta?"
"What are you doing?"
"Who's your father?"
"Are you sick?"
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How would a Maine native describe something that's cute?
"That's cunnin"
"That's preachin"
"That's wicked"
4 of 18Choose your answer!
What does it mean if you "get in a gaum"?
You are lost in the woods
You lost your friends
You've gotten in trouble
5 of 18Choose your answer!
If you're having some "bed lunches," you're actually having:
A midnight snack
Terrible pains
Vivid dreams
6 of 18Choose your answer!
What does "culch" mean?
7 of 18Choose your answer!
How else could you say "catch a buzz on"?
"get drunk"
"run very fast"
"go to the mall"
8 of 18Choose your answer!
After a big snow storm, you'd say that the roads are:
9 of 18Choose your answer!
If you're friend is "going out in the willie-wacks" they're headed to:
the bar
the country
the city
10 of 18Choose your answer!
What does it mean to "kife"?
To steal
To chop up food - especially carrots
To fly a kite
11 of 18Choose your answer!
What's a bug, to a Maine native?
A car
A lobster
Catching the flu
12 of 18Choose your answer!
If your friend is being gawmy, what are they really being?
13 of 18Choose your answer!
Ordering an Italian is the same as ordering what?
A submarine sandwich
14 of 18Choose your answer!
Steamers are also known as:
15 of 18Choose your answer!
Mainers don’t get “sick," they get ____.
16 of 18Choose your answer!
Which of the following is used as an adverb similar to 'very'?
17 of 18Choose your answer!
What else would you call a little kid?
A calf-grabber
An ankle biter
A foot licker
18 of 18Choose your answer!
What is a prayer handle?
Baseball bat
Pot of soup
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