Quiz: How Many South Bend Words Do You Really Know?

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South Bend is home to Notre Dame, but Notre Dame sure ain't located in South Bend!

South Bend, Indiana language and slang. Can you pass this quiz/ test about South Bend lingo? Find out today!

 Aug 27, 2016
1 of 10If you're about to play a little "corn hole", what are you doing?
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Playing bean bag toss
Playing the oboe
Playing checkers
2 of 10What is the name of this bug?
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Lightening Bug
Flashy Bug
3 of 10If your mom shouts at you to bring her the "sweeper" she wants ______.
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the television remote
the vacuum
the tablecloth
4 of 10If you're heading to the "5 Hunnert", where are you going?
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The Mall
A reggae concert
The Indy 500
5 of 10What is "Dyngus Day"?
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The last day of school
A Polish holiday to celebrate beer and sausage
A nickname for your brother's birthday
6 of 10What is "Mishawaka"?
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A popular South Bend grocery store
A band from Notre Dame
A city in South Bend
7 of 10If your dad's got the "holler tail" he's __________.
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having beers with his buddies
8 of 10What do you call this?
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Drinking fountain
Water fountain
9 of 10If something is "whopper jawed," it's ___________
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10 of 10If you want a fried pork sandwich you'll ask for a "__________"
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