Women Everywhere Will Be Wearing Red Tomorrow And You Should Be Too


Go Red For Women

Do you know what your biggest health risk as a woman is? Most people would respond with breast cancer, or maybe some other form of cancer. But they would be wrong.

Heart disease is the number one killer of women in America. Period.

It causes 1 in 3 women's deaths each year, killing approximately one woman every 80 seconds.

Heart disease kills more women than every form of cancer combined.

American Heart Association

Men and women have very different symptoms when it comes to heart disease, and the prevalence of heart disease in women is often underplayed or misunderstood.

However, 80 percent of cardiac and stroke events may be prevented, and organizations such as Go Red For Women and the American Heart Association are setting out to do something about it.

It's time for us to help spread awareness about the seriousness of heart disease. And it can start with a simple outfit choice. Wear red tomorrow, and encourage the women around you to take charge of their own health.

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